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                  Carissa Lee

                  Fear commitment? Try single-serve

                  It’s no secret that the new generation has commitment issues. Whether those issues concerns relationships, careers or even everyday purchases, the average young adult finds themself wrought with a familiar sense of indecisiveness and anxiety, culminating in an inability to go for that proposal, take that job offer or buy that car. This phenomenon most…

                  Lone wolves unpacked

                  Christian Bale’s popular rendition of Batman, funnily enough, is actually a bit of a lone wolf. Batman is not alone, of course. With characters like Daryl and Michonne from ABC’s “The Walking Dead,” Deckard Shaw from the “Fast and the Furious” franchise and Clint Eastwood’s Inspector Harry Callahan stealing the show (and the hearts of…

                  American cuisine: From apple pies to kimchi fries

                  Burgers, hot dogs and fries. A timeless trifecta of pure Americana, of fast food and fried fare. To the average American, these foods are symbols of comfort and nostalgia, hence their immense popularity and widespread, immediate availability throughout the nation. Whether we proudly tout or beseech our culinary reputation for all things fried and fatty,…

                  San Francisco’s 2019 Coffee Festival was an utterly awakening experience

                  While the first weekend of November brought with it the salvation of daylight savings, so too did it bring a bout of unusually lovely weather to San Francisco (so long, Karl the Fog!) — just in time for the annual Coffee Festival. Suffering from the classic pre-winter cold, I was especially grateful for the warmth, admiring the brilliance of the sunlight against the warehouse-like buildings near the pier as we joined the queue of caffeine-enthusiasts entering the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture’s Festival Pavilion.

                  Making sense of ethical dilemmas

                  Human beings are notorious for constructing divisions; we divide ourselves into nations, parties, families … even the most basic elements of computers are a division between ones and zeros. Dividing, grouping, compartmentalizing — whatever you’d like to call it — it’s a uniquely human method of simplifying the world.? So how does this play into…

                  Are there any safe places left?

                  There must be something wrong with the sun today. The afternoon sunlight streams through the car window an eerie orange color. It’s hot, but our A/C is turned off so as not to let the outside air through.? We don’t say a word. Maybe it’s just the heat. My mother is sweating a little —…

                  CorePower-ing my way through midterm season

                  Hands to heart-center, we all breathe in, open-mouth exhale and give final thanks for our practice: Namaste.? Or at least, that’s the idea anyway.? My first class at CorePower Yoga’s Town and Country location a few Saturdays ago concluded just like that — me (hopefully not visibly) cringing in the back of the heated room…

                  A word on being the early bird

                  Admittedly, my introduction into the world of the early birds was a bit contrived (read: I cheated a little). Extreme jet lag upon returning from a summer internship abroad combined with my body’s steadfast aversion to the Pacific time zone inevitably created a monster: a new and improved, super-Carissa with the power to wake up…
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