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                  Julie Fukunaga

                  A mind-bending journey into ‘Black Room’

                  “Imagine you are in a black room. Inside of the black room is a black table. Next to the black table is a black chair. Beside the black chair is a black vase.” If you can imagine squeezing your eyes tight enough to see apparitions, you basically get the gist of “Black Room,” a 2017…

                  Touring the 2019 San Francisco International Tea Festival

                  I was excited knowing that behind the beautiful lakefront of the Palace of Fine Arts, homeplace of wedding photoshoots and B-roll from the hit 2005 TV show Bones, I would be greeted by something other than mist and rush hour traffic. Awaiting me was the 2019 San Francisco International Tea Festival, a gathering of over 42 vendors from around the world (October 19-20). As I shuttled in, I was immediately greeted with my own child-size complimentary tea cup, embossed with tea leaves and ready to sample all the tea the world had to offer.
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